The start of a writing journey

The start of a writing journey

And the main reasons that brought me here

Good day, fellow reader. And I say fellow because we have something in common: we are both voracious readers. It's a separate tale of how that turned into writing for me.

My name is Marcelo Zárate. I'm an Argentine father, spouse, and developer. I'm interested in a variety of languages and technologies. I'm always excited to discover anything new.

A few days ago I heard at a seminar that the "What for" in our daily planner should take precedence over the "Why" So I'm going to try to put this thought into practice right now.

There are mainly 3 reasons that I started this journey (What for?)

Putting my capacity to be consistent to the test 📝

Working on a non-dev job, I managed to make at least one useful commit per week for the last year. That was a real challenge but proved myself I could be consistent. Going to try the same for writing (1 article per week should do).

Learning 👨‍🏫

Being a teacher for kids in the past taught me one valuable lesson:

If you want to be certain you know something, go ahead and teach it.

You can confirm you knew the subject. You can also learn by attempting to prepare a class on a topic you thought you already knew about.

Improve my English 🗽

Being a non-native English speaker, I found it almost natural to read technical stuff in English. Writing seems to be a different level of difficulty, but I'm confident it will help me step up and reach a larger audience.

lisawecanbetterourselves.webpIt's not easy, because writing requires research, planning, confidence, and a magic spark.

Are you planning on writing too? You can do it! Start your own blog now with Hashnode I really took time researching all the options, and I found Hashnode to be a solid platform. Shoutout to Sandeep Panda!

See you around!

Cover photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash